Prof. Derek Penslar: From Budapest to Basel: Theodor Herzl’s Way to Zionism

12. Mai 2016 “From Budapest to Basel: Theodor Herzl’s Way to Zionism” Prof. Derek Penslar (University of Oxford)


Prof. Derek Penslar is a comparative historian with interests in the relationship between modern Israel and diaspora Jewish societies, global nationalist movements, and post-colonial states. He is the Stanley Lewis Professor of Modern Israel Studies at the University of Oxford and the Samuel J. Zacks
Professor of Jewish History at the University of Toronto. Next year he will move to Harvard, where he has accepted the William Lee Frost Chair in Modern Jewish History. Penslar is the author or editor of ten books, including Shylock’s Children Economics and Jewish Identity in Modern Europe; Israel in History: The Jewish State in Comparative Perspective; The Origins of the State of Israel: A Documentary History, and Jews and the Military: A History. Penslar is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the American Academy for Jewish Research.